The UK Film Blogs Charter



For those of you on Twitter, you may have seen a note on our profile to indicate that we are part of the UK Film Blogs network, one of its founder members in fact. And "what is that?!" we hear you cry. It's a short tale. A tale of a group of writers with blogs of various sizes.

It all started with the idea of having one place through which to share the fantastic work that goes on by film enthusiasts on their blogs or websites, but that sometimes gets lost amongst the plethora of movie writing elsewhere. We're a loose collective of writers with the combined goal across our various specialisms of ensuring our voices are heard just that little bit more out there in the world. We also all have similar ideas of the kind of work we want to produce, the standards we want to adhere to and indeed aspire to.

So, we wrote them down. And there it is, looking all swish.