FEATURE: Movie Talk on Sunday - A Night On The Town (8th March)

On Sunday 8th March, I’ll be hosting the Twitter phenomenon that is #MTOS. If you haven’t taken part before, #MTOS is a weekly meeting of film enthusiasts, getting together for a big old discussion. I’ll be asking ten questions, one every ten minutes from 8pm (GMT) and all you need to do is post your response and tag it with the #MTOS hashtag.

Here at #MTOS, we like to have a good time and there's no place we like to do that more than at the movies. So, travel with me into the realm of glorious cinematic fantasy where geography and finances are no object, where you can rub shoulders with the great characters of film, swan around in designer costumes and eat the best looking food on celluloid. For each question, you'll be designing your perfect evening, selected from the greatest Hollywood has to offer. Your cinematic Night on the Town is finally here....

Q1. First, you must get ready! To which movie song are you prancing around your designer apartment?

Q2. Time to get your gladrags on! Any costume from any movie, what do you want to wear for your night out? (Pictures if possible!)

Q3. No night out is complete without someone fancy on your arm; which film character is your date for the evening?

Q4. Of course, you have to travel in style. What movie vehicle is your chosen mode of transportation?

Q5. It's time for pre-dinner drinks - which is your cinematic bar and what's your poison?

Q6. Out for dinner now - where will it be? Somewhere fancy with haute cuisine or a good ole burger joint?

Q7. What's this?! You're being joined at your table by four film characters to share your meal; who are they?

Q8. Suddenly, a stage appears! It's time for a cinematic musical number; who's performing what?

Q9. Time to hit the dancefloor, where's the after-party?

Q10. Alas, the evening is winding down; how does yours end? A wander in the moonlight? Another after-party? (Nothing too rude please...)

I look forward to seeing what everyone gets up to on Sunday night!

- Becky

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