DVD REVIEW: Two Night Stand

Two Night Stand stars Analeigh Tipton and Miles Teller as Megan and Alec, two young people in New York meeting up for a one night stand. She's just out of a long-term relationship and, after encouragement from her roommate, joins a dating site and ends up inviting herself to Alec's apartment. However, the morning after, things don't go as planned. They end up fighting but are forced together for another night when a freak snowstorm hits the city and Megan can't get home.

As a central conceit for a romantic comedy goes, it's a novel one, making the most out of its main apartment location. Blanket forts are constructed, toilets are blocked and stolen noodles consumed. Throughout, the conversations between Megan and Alec run the gamut of possible topics for two people slowly getting to know each other in extremely odd circumstances. It helps that the two leads share a sparky chemistry that makes the already snappy dialogue sing and the film would be poorer with less capable actors.

Miles Teller's star is fast on the rise with thoughtful turns like Sutter in The Spectacular Now to the more comedic charm of That Awkward Moment. Here, he shows he is a solid romantic leading man and proves he is more than just the arrogant charmer, coping with the more dramatic material once the inevitable twist occurs. His ability to roll off a one liner is well-served by the screenplay's wit. The only trouble with his character is even if Alec is sketched a little too thinly to go up against Megan's more rounded character.

However, it is Analeigh Tipton who shines brightest, imbuing Megan with an inherent likeability and avoiding too many of the romcom heroine cliches. Her clumsiness and misfortune derives more from traditionally awkward situations rather than being tacked on to give her some semblance of character. Giving off a young Meg Ryan quality, Tipton is all at once neurotic, charming, confident and vulnerable and it's refreshing to see within the genre, too often reliant on 'quirky' to sell a character. 

Megan is not the only way in which Two Night Stand manages to bring a little subversive quality to the usual genre formula. The opening credits, too often treated as just a colourful introduction, provide a look at not only the funny perils of online dating when you're female (HEY SEXXXXY for example), but also at Megan's backstory. A lot of the detail witnessed in the credits returns later, cueing the audience in to what she may or may not be hiding from her one night stand.

Although it seems to have flown under the mainstream radar, Two Night Stand is a frank and funny spin on the genre that may stretch credulity slightly towards the end, but is sweet and charming enough for you not to notice.

Two Night Stand is released on Digital Download and DVD on Monday 23rd March.

- Becky

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