FEATURE: Movie Talk on Sundays - Heroes and Villains (10th August)

On Sunday 10th August, I’ll be hosting the Twitter phenomenon that is #MTOS. If you haven’t taken part before, #MTOS is a weekly meeting of film enthusiasts, getting together for a big old discussion. I’ll be asking ten questions, one every ten minutes from 8pm (GMT) and all you need to do is post your response and tag it with the #MTOS hashtag.

This time, I'm interested in the rocks and the hard places of our favourite stories, the unstoppable forces meeting the immoveable objects. In short, the heroes and the villains. Long the opposing staples of a story, the clash between a hero and a villain forms the backbone of many a narrative from romantic comedies to sword and sandals epics. What I'm interested in is finding out what makes you guys tick when it comes to the battles between good and evil.

So without further ado, here are my questions for Sunday:

1). Easy two to kick off with: Who is your favourite cinematic hero?

2). Who is your favourite cinematic villain?

3). Which cinematic hero versus villain clash is your favourite?

4). What makes for a good hero versus villain confrontation?

5). Does a particular genre succeed at creating better hero and villain pairings?

6). Do you believe in the idea that a hero is only as good as the villain they are facing?

7). Do you prefer your heroes and villains straight up good and evil or a little more morally grey?

8). Do heroes and villains with superpowers make for more satisfying climactic clashes?

9). Any hero. Any villain. Anywhere. What would be your ultimate adversarial smackdown?

10). Your answers for Question 9 are locked in battle. Who would win and why?

I look forward to seeing your answers!

- Becky

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