FEATURE: Film Bloggers' Sci-Fi Top 10

By now, everyone should have seen the list of the "100 best sci-fi movies" that Time Out magazine has just thrown up (if you haven't, check it out here). As it's Time Out, the list is made up of choices from not only filmmakers but also leading critics as well as actual scientists. Who can beat that?

We can. As the film blogging community is always very enthusiastic towards genre, whether it's Under the Skin or Guardians of the Galaxy, what we'd like to do is drill down a bit and find out what the community sees as the best science fiction movies. 100 is a bit nuts, so what we're going to do is turn it down to ten, so hopefully the end result will be the 10 best sci-fi movies according to the film blogging community.

What'd we'd like you to do is simple - send us your list of top ten sci-fi films and who you write for (so we can link to your site), along with a paragraph on your top choice and why you chose it. That'll give us a little bit of meat to post when it all goes up, instead of endless lists.

We're aiming to have all the entries in by Saturday August 9th - so if you want to participate, just email your choices to top10bloggersf@gmail.com - and we look forward to reading your choices!

- Charlie

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