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Hello fellow movie lovers; I think it is time to talk about Women In Film. It is a long overdue topic and I’m happy to use my second time hosting to celebrate and talk about women in front and behind the camera. Women have a vital role in filmmaking yet they never seem to get the spotlight they deserve.

On Sunday the 6th July we will change that. We will also talk about the money side of things; with Catching Fire, Frozen and Gravity, 2013 had 3 Top 10 highest grossing films featuring female leads – yet Hollywood still seems to be hesitant to put their money on female-centric blockbuster movies.

Get your thinking caps on and celebrate Women in Film!

Q1. Who’s your favourite female director and which film of hers is your favourite?

Q2. What is your favourite female-centric film?

Q3. Who is your favourite woman working in filmmaking? (editing, scoring, casting etc)

Q4. Which female producer do you think has been most influential in Hollywood filmmaking

Q5. Which filmmaker or writer continuously has great female characters in their work?

Q6. Which woman do you think was a catalyst for major change in front or behind the camera?

Q7. Who has the best male/female collaboration behind the camera?

Q8. 2013 was a great year 4 female-centric films.Why do u think does Hollywood still underestimate the box office draw of leading women?*

Q9. Female action heroes are sadly often sexualised. Give an example of great characters that weren’t.

Q10. To show boys and girls a strong female character they can aspire towards; which films would you use?

Last but not least, I want to thank Becky Lea (@beckygracelea) for giving me a spot on her fantastic website.

*P.S: Sorry about the abbreviations in Q8; I hate them too but 140 characters, eh!

- Kerstin

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