FEATURE FRIDAY: Theatre Preview, Blind Date

There’s a new interactive theatrical experience in town. Blind Date, now on at London’s Charing Cross Road Theatre, promises a fusion of theatre, comedy, improvisation and social experiment, any one of which would be pretty appealing as a stand-alone concept. Perhaps with the exception of the social experiment part.

The show, arriving in London fresh from sold-out runs across the pond in New York and Toronto, will see protagonist/comedienne/improviser Mimi (Rebecca Northan) go on a different blind date every night.  Mimi, a lovable minx of a Parisian clown, shows up night after night, bless her, only for her date to stand her up each time. Where could she possibly find a stand-in at such short notice? The audience, of course! As Mimi explores the ups and downs of each blind date, often with hilarious results, we can’t help but fall in love with her as well.

An exciting and innovative piece of theatre, Blind Date is set to be just as “fearless…and very funny” (New York Times) this side of the Atlantic, perhaps even more so given the traditional British stiff upper lip and general reluctance to make fools of ourselves. Stand by for an “irresistible, cheeky and charming evening” (New York Daily News). Whether or not you are Mimi’s chosen ‘date’, you’re promised a fun an interactive night, perfect for an evening out with friends, or even on a date of your own.

You’ll have to hurry though, as Blind Date is on at the Charing Cross Road Theatre for a limited 7 week season only starting from Tuesday 28 May.


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