FEATURE: A Very Happy Birthday to HRH the Queen of Comedy

Here at Assorted Buffery we did a lovely piece for the Bard’s birthday back in April, and rightly so.

But today marks the birthday of another icon of ours.

She’s won five Baftas, written countless sketches, a handful of sitcoms and some cracking songs. She’s a hugely talented wordsmith, musician, actress and comedienne- much of today’s comedy scene just wouldn’t be the same without her.

Our sense of humour here at the Buffery certainly wouldn’t be.

She’s also written a musical, provided us with some un-forgettable Julie Walters moments (“Two soups”, anyone?) and has four fabulous stand-up dvds.

Naturally, we’re talking about Victoria Wood.  Master of the amusing biscuit gag, queen of the comedic piano and captain of character comedy, she’s more than earned her status as National Treasure.

But this is what we’ll always most love her for.

Happy Birthday Victoria! 

- Jen

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