NEWS: Being Human Trailer

A cult hit both here and across the pond, BBC Three's Being Human is returning for a fourth series and the trailer for it has just been released.

As regular viewers know, the last series' finale saw the death of Mitchell the vampire thanks to both the redemptive end to his plotline and the fact that Aidan Turner was about to jet off for New Zealand to film The Hobbit. Since then, us fans have discovered that Russell Tovey, who plays neurotic werewolf George, and his on-screen other half Sinead Keenan's Nina will both be leaving the show.

That just leaves ghostly Annie (Lenora Critchlow) behind, werewolf Tom (Michael Socha) being bumped up to cast regular and newcomer Damien Maloney as Hal, filling the vampire quota. George appears in the trailer and so we can probably expect his exit to come fairly early on in the series. This will leave the remaining trio to take care of his and Nina's child who appears to be the focus for series four.

Head over to the Being Human page on the BBC website to view the trailer and if, like me, you're craving more information, check out the individual character trailers too. Being Human is set to return in February.

- Becky

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