Take A Seat

Hello there - you made it! Grab yourself a biscuit and put your feet up. 
We’re really glad you could make it over to our beloved blog of Assorted Buffery. Which is not a word. We should know - we’re buffs. In as many ways as we can be anyway. We love nothing better than a good book, film, TV programme or play. 
Well, that’s not strictly true. There is one thing we love better than a good book, film, TV programme or play, and that’s talking about those very things. At great length. In pernickety, in-depth glorious detail. We may even throw in juicy little titbits like the odd bit of hot gossip, an amusing video or even just that latest on set picture from that thing everyone likes. 
If that sounds like your cup of tea - the sort you’d merrily dip your hobnob into - do feel free to visit us as often as you like and join in- comment to your heart’s content; we love a good chin wag. Not as much as we love to be nerdy about the things we love, true - but it comes very close. 
So without much more ado, we shall potter off and begin writing all these buffery-related discussions that we just know you're waiting to read.
Enjoy that biscuit!
- Jen and Becky

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