Becky Lea - Reviews Editor

Becky is both film nerd and television commentator extraordinaire, currently working as an Editorial Assistant (when not being both film nerd and TV commentator extraordinaire that is). She is a huge fan of most of things that we use our eyes and ears for, knows far more than could ever be healthy about Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and is equally partial to both sarcasm and chocolate digestives. You can also find her writings on Great Adaptations, on Den of Geek or Charlie's very own Films On Wax. When not tweeting for @AssortedBuffery, she can be found on her own page @beckygracelea.

Jennifer Large - Features Editor

Jen has a deep passion for all things visual, taking in television, films and theatre with equal enthusiasm. Currently making her way in the big wide world that is theatre marketing, mostly to fund her love of jumpers, she is the creative genius behind the very layout you see before you. She is usually to be found drinking caffeinated beverages, waxing lyrical about the latest plot developments of her favourite television shows or scribbling her musings in several attractive notebooks, usually all at the same time. These musings often find their way to her very funny blog or in a more condensed form over on Twitter, either for @Assorted Buffery or on her own page @jenniferklarge.


Charlie Brigden

Charlie likes to think he's like Michael Knight, a lone crusader in a shadowy world trying to bring film score appreciation to the masses, but he's really more like Mr Bean. When he's not writing about film music at Films On Wax (and complaining about how much he has to write), he enjoys being tattooed, watching Godzilla movies and trolling Hans Zimmer fans. Contrary to popular belief, Charlie Brigden has been with a lady several times. Charlie's on Twitter @filmsonwax